MST Germany was founded by professional track and field, bodybuilding, and weightlifting athletes in Berlin in 2006. The aim of the company was the production of sports nutrition for professional athletes. We planned to sale the products on the internal German market. The products and production were to meet high quality standards set in Germany and we selected only the best suppliers of raw materials from Japan, America, Europe and China.

What distinguishes products of MST Germany from thousands of other brands?

Our primary goal is to make a quality product of high-class exclusive materials. In the last decade, all sports results are known to improve not only through the work of the athletes in the gym, but also thanks to the achievements of professionals in laboratories and research institutes.

In 2015 Markus Kaufmann, who is a known marketer in the sports sector, joined our team. A strategy was suggested for the company’s brand to expand all over the European Union and enter the USA within three years. Now we are looking for partners in the EU providing a flexible system of work and a marketing plan for each of our distributors.